I’m a norwegian graphic design student currently studying graphic design BA at Westerdals Oslo ACT. I believe in making strong concepts and good communication. I strive to learn new things about design as well as new techniques. Take your time to look at my work. Please do get in touch and let’s have a proper conversation!


Andreas Bjørkeng Sogn

Org.nr 913271211

Bølerveien 31

0690 Oslo - Norway

2013 – BA Graphic Design
(Westerdals Oslo ACT)
2010 – 2013 Studiespesialisering Formgivning
(Elvebakken Videregående Skole)
2013 Informasjonteknologi 1 (Programfag)
2016 Freelance at Metric Design
2014 – Inhouse Graphic Designer at Lampehuset
2015 (august-oktober)

Internship at Metric Design

2016 - Freelance work for Metric, visual identity and event identity.
- Worked on updating Cultura Bank visual identity
- Worked on visual identity for Bistro inside Hurtigruten
2015 - Visual identity for Stavernfestivalen 2016.
- Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 reports for NRC Group.
- Visual identity for NRC Group
- Several projects in internship, books and visual identity.
- Visual identity for Boardshop Norway
- Rebranding of Lampehuset AS
2014 - Visual identity for Bøler Åpne Barnehage
- Album Cover for Sweet Like Chili
- Website for PWC AS