Vanndal – Speculative Design

Student work
Dicipline: Visual Identity. Packaging
Date: 2015

The world water resources are limited relative to human demand. Based on statistics and facts the concept is to show a possible evolution of the problems within the global water situation 100 years into the future. What will the world look like if we assume that the water problems are developing? The brief was to make a visual concept to raise awareness about a partial problem within the global water situation. This was my 2nd year exam project at Westerdals Oslo ACT, the project lasted for 3-weeks.

Try to imagine 100 years into the future. A future in which access to water isn't a right, but a privilege controlled by the powerful companies. Over the past 100 years there's been severe environmental disaster and famine and wars, and total anarchy all over the world, all because of limited water access. «VANNDAL» (name is based on the Germanic tribe who fought and vandalized Rome.) is a resistance group who is fighting against the gigantic company «City Water» who has privatized and controlled all the freshwater. The only way to survive is to perform illegal actions to get water. Steal water from the water lines and distribute to the black market for water.

↑ Vanndal's resides at hidden locations. Here is one of Vanndal's spots.
↑ Each member has ID papers
↑ The sheets of paper are colour-coded to make it easy for the members to choose the paper for the right purpose.

The blue paper is for documenting and writing
The pink paper is for testing water and the packaging for the water tests.
The yellow toned paper is for official documents such as letterheads and ID papers.
↑ Since you cannot contact Vanndal and they don’t have a permanent location. These cards are meant to use as message cards for the members.