Quatuor pour la fin du temps –
CD cover

Student work
Dicipline: Packaging
Collaboration with Morten Håvik
Date: 2015

«Praise to the eternity of Jesus» Written by the French composer Oliver Messian in captivity in Deutschland, 1937. Performed in front of prisoners in 1941. The play is part five of a symphony of eight. Played only by grand piano and cello.

After listening to the song we got a feeling that both instruments illustrate to song in same mood, but in different progression. The grand piano illustrates something repeating and infinite. Maybe we can get a feeling of marching prisoners. The cello illustrates something wavy, gentle and a hint of love. Maybe we can get a feeling of a dialogue about hope. Based on the interpretation we came up with to values: dynamic and static. Both values contradict each other. Dynamic, represents the cello made like sphere according to the interpretation. For the other value, static, we made textile band that holds all the pieces together. The bands represent the repetitive grand piano, which lies in the background of the song. With thick and thin band we illustrates the progression of the song in a subtle manner.

↑ Held togheter by 5 elastic bands.
↑ Poster inside the Cd cover with information about the artists